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About Memories In Motion

Memories In Motion is a family oriented business with years of experience in video production, let us bring our experience to you and show you how we can serve you best. We bring professionalism, experience, personality and the latest in video editing equipment to you in an effort to create an heirloom for your family to share for years to come. In the business field, we film real estate property for sales, aerial video or photo and more.

Memories In Motion video is dedicated to the preservation of family memories as well as other forms of video needs. We go above and beyond to bring you the finest DVD possible of your event. We give you our promise to work closely with you, to bring you a video treasure. Whether it be a family event, a guest speaker, a real estate sale, a corporate event, an aerial view of the homestead or your hunting camp, let us preserve it for you.


How Memories In Motion began:

One Sunday morning in 2003 I was sitting in church listening to the pastor preaching a sermon and I thought “its too bad somone doesn’t record these sermons and save them for others”. Then a small voice in my heart said, “You have a camera, you have a computer, why don’t you do it?” I responded and began to do the church DVD’s for the congregation. As time went by many people commented, “you need to do this professionally, you have a real talent for this”. Well, 11 years later, here are the results.

Being a family business, we totally understand the importance of preserving memories. Let us help you to do the same. Life passes by, memories should be preserved.


Let us preserve your special moments on video!

Call Memories In Motion Video today if you have any questions about our services and let us explain how we can help you preserve the memory of your family event.

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